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How it all began

  1. (April) Montgolfier Brothers launched the first hot air balloon.
  2. (September) First living creatures to become airborne – A sheep, Duck and Cockerel.
  3. (December) ‘Charles Balloon’, filled with hydrogen, flew for 27 miles. (Modern Airships are now filled with Helium.)
  4. First model glider was built and flown by Sir George Cayley, which evolved into a glider capable of carrying a small boy.

Late 1800 – Otto Lilienthal (German) flew many thousands of flights in lightweight gliders that are now considered the forerunners of the modern ‘hang glider’.

  1. Wright Brothers fly the first heavier than air machine. The ‘FLYER’, piloted by Orville, flew 120 feet on the first flight and the best flight of the day was 852 feet (260m).
  2. Louis Bleriot flies the English Channel.

1911    Bleriot Type XI Monoplane flies non-stop from London to Paris. Early 1900’s Airships were considered the way forward for air travel. The control of the rise and fall of the airship was controlled by pumping air into or out of Ballonets.
1919    Alcock and Brown fly the Atlantic non-stop in a Vickers Vimy and land in Ireland

  1. Amy Johnson is the first female to fly solo from England to Australia. Leaving from Croydon         Airport.
  2. The Hyndenburg Airship bursts into flames at its mooring post.

1940    The Battle of Britain. 
1949    The world's first Jet airliner, the de Havilland Comet 1 flew in July.
Much more has happened since in the world of aviation, with commercial air flight getting started and becoming such an important part of contemporary life, and aviation academies popping up everywhere, giving all a chance to learn to fly. The technology has changed beyond all recognition too, for example, the introduction of the Concorde, which was an Anglo-French airliner capable of flying at twice the speed of sound.

Dassault proceeds with caution over Falcon 7X re-entry

Dassault Aviation is still proceeding with caution over the re-entry into passenger service of its Falcon 7X business jet.

This is despite Dassault's confidence its ongoing investigation into the pitch trim fault that grounded the 7X fleet will eliminate any remaining uncertainties.

London Air Show


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